An analysis of the sexism in the magazines and the issues with the cosmopolitan

Also, the analysis will try to see if there are any unsual correlation between the independence of women and their traditional roles. As one scans over Cosmopolitan Magazine, conversations about these drives are ever-present. The second hypothesis assumes that postfeminist media also promotes the independent woman and thereby puts on a second place the traditional roles of women wife and mother.

They are campaigning for equal pay for women. De Beauvoir proposed the division of feminism in two waves: With social media ever-present at our fingertips, women today are in many ways curating our own free "magazines".

What 100 Years Of Magazine Covers Reveal About How We See Women

In Cosmo world every woman is straight as a ruler and wants sex, sex, sex all the time… with men who all look pretty much the same. While Maslow examined the cover image i.

You say that none of those things will give you the body you ought to want?

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How to fix or maintain your body size or shape, and how to be sexually desirable are plastered about the cover. For, it must be admitted, more than 10 reasons.

The sex tips are also to be derided. The research method used for this article was content analysis technique, using the contingency method where the context unit selected was the cover of 62 issues of the Cosmopolitan magazine.

The backlash on feminism increased after World War II: Accessed April 20, A new issue emerged from the analysis of the high values of contingency of all terms regarding beauty beauty tricks, fashion, slim body, improved sex life and popular culture represented by the stars of the film industry, television, fashion and music.

The highest contingency is found between career and celebrities 0. Cosmopolitan may not be an exception, despite their attempts to relay a different message.

And the worst sex tips in the world. Rate this celeb outfit. But then there's the six-page spread about Instagram's "yacht girls" — beautiful young women who are paid to party and travel the world with rich men.

By far the highest co-occurrence found is the one between celebrities and sex life 0. Cheng collected Cosmo covers throughout the century to place side by side. There are some results that differ, in some cases the difference means the double or more than double between the expected values and the obtaines ones.

In regards to the second hypothesis the results were ambiguous in the sense that we cannot find a strong support of economic independence, but mostly of a sexual one.

Second wave Some consider the starting point for the second wave feminism to be the year when Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mistique in the U. So beauty is necessary when the magazine talks about sexual pleasure, fame or feelings.

Cosmpolitan magazine also promotes the independent woman the career woman and thereby puts on a second place the traditional roles of women of mothers and wives.

--> 10 Reasons Why I Hate Cosmopolitan Magazine

Second wave feminists considered that equality was not yet achieved even if women won their public rights since they had to deal with inequality in their personal lifes. Then they started showing some skin. Significant research has been done to better understand how the media shapes what the public finds important through their own agenda and many media theorists have further articulated this phenomenon.

The selected units were the issues dating from January until March and I have deepened the analysis of two main elements promoted by post-feminism also found in a significant amount in the magazine according to the data obtained: Though Amy Schumer's GQ cover received backlash for the sexualization of the comedianthe fact she was chosen to cover the magazine's comedy issue is a step in the right direction.

In the following pages I will develop a brief analysis of the financial and sexual independence and the beauty cluster containing beauty and fashion trends and also the management of the body using also the data from the research.

If Nicki Minaj were alive in the s, there's just no way she would have been allowed to pose like that even if she wanted to.

Finally, they started posing in sexy positions," Cheng wrote on Medium. Readers learn not only about a given issue, but also how much importance to attach to that issue from the amount of information in a news story and its position.

What do strangers know about my relationships, and what do I want to know about theirs? While Cosmopolitan's closure may not spell the end of women's media, it could represent the death of a once highly lucrative white feminist ideal: Some of these results are quite surprising:MA Media Industries Emily Norval 3 Abstract Women’s magazines have been described as one of the most ‘resilient’ print medias, with an enduring popularity and vast array of titles on offer (Saner, ).

An Analysis of the Sexism in the Magazines and the Issues With the Cosmopolitan. 1, words. 2 pages. An Analysis of Media during War. 3, words. In an extremely thorough analysis of Cosmopolitan Magazine covers from toMaslow provides an analysis that works to provide further considerations about American beauty standards.

Men's and women's magazines, in this sense, really are different. Esquire retails yet another fantasy of mastery for men. Women's magazines, on the other hand, offer a fantasy of mastery for women.

'Cosmopolitan' Being Dragged by Commenters After Posting Debatably Sexist Penis Size Meme By Hayley Wilbur | May 17, Cosmopolitan 's Instagram is chock-full of half-naked men, celebs and relatable memes crafted around quotes uttered by its website's editors.

Following iconic titles Cleo and Dolly before it, Bauer Media this week pulled the plug on Cosmopolitan and shuttered one of the last magazines of old catering for today's young women.

An analysis of the sexism in the magazines and the issues with the cosmopolitan
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